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Shivam Complaints and Claims
Shivam Infoways offers the best solution for the management and administration of complaints and claims of its clients through a highly customizable modular system.

Shivam Complaints and Claims increase the productivity of your organization because it has friendly interfaces that facilitate the user's work. Complaints and Grievances Shivam also automates most of its operations.

Shivam Complaints and Claims will notify users by e-mail reference, assignment due soon, reopening, application support, change the deadline for response, resolution, etc. Complaints and Claims.

Shivam Complaints and Claims
has the following features:
  • Complaint handling and customer complaints, law (guardianship, lawsuits, etc..) and ATMs
  • Automatic referral
  • Management history of the complaint
  • Setting deadline for response by type of complaint.
  • Requests for additional support
  • Internal satisfaction surveys (user) and external (customer)
  • Statistical Reports
  • Security Module
  • 100% customizable
  • Reports, queries and alerts
  • Defining Profiles
  • User Definition
  • Password Policy Management
  • Audit Trails
  • Online Validation Security Levels
  • Decryption key encryption
  • Lockout after multiple failed logins
  • Encryption of confidential data
  • Timeouts parameterization screen
  • Dictionary excluded key
  • Report Generation
  • Setting tables to be audited
  • Definition of fields to be audited
  • User Log, Date and Time of access
  • Log of Actions, previous data and new data
Parameterization and Maintenance
  • Creating and keeping customers
  • Assignment of Complaints and Claims
  • Referral of Complaints and Claims
  • Complaints and Claims Settlement
  • Amendment of Complaints and Claims
  • Modification of solution and Complaints
  • Temporary or permanent closure of Complaints and Claims
  • Transfer of responsibility for Complaints and Claims
  • Cities
  • Branches
  • Internal and external products
  • Concepts
  • Causes of Complaints and Grievances
  • Calendar days
  • Definition Holidays
  • Groups of Complaints and Claims
  • Types of Complaints and Claims
  • Days starting solution and Complaints
  • Maximum days to resolve complaints and claims
  • Hourly cost of resolving complaints and claims
  • Telling the story of the complaint
  • For complaints or claims
  • By Customer
  • By Product
  • ATM Complaints
  • Complaints Act
  • Alerts
  • Polls
  • Complaints and Grievances without survey
  • Complaints and Claims History
  • Profile Survey
  • Survey questions
  • Edit playlists
  • Internal Survey
  • External Inquiry
  • Complaints and Claims
  • Management Indicator
  • Efficiency Indicator
  • By Product
  • By Product Type and Complaint or Claim
  • Complaints and Grievances to overcome
  • By Status
  • Complaints and Grievances graph up and to solve
  • Graphic indicator of Complaints and Claims Manager
  • by Type of Complaints and Claims
  • Plot on the grounds of complaint


Shivam developed software allows us to total control of the operation, from birth a credit to this end. It has allowed us to further reduce response times and rearrange the operation to speed up processes, which the company has become much more efficient and competitive.
Juan Carlos Lozano Madriñan
General Manager Invergrupo S.A. Colombia

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