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Shivam Martillo
Martillo System (Public Auction)
Shivam Infoways offers the best solution for the management and administration of commercial and judicial auction of its customers through a highly configurable modular system

Shivam Martillo increase the productivity of your organization because it has friendly interfaces that facilitate the user's work. Shivam Hammer also automates most of its operations.

  • Defining Profiles
  • User Definition
  • Password Policy Management
  • Audit Trails
  • Online Validation Security Levels
  • Decryption key encryption
  • Lockout after multiple failed logins
  • Encryption of confidential data
  • Timeouts parameterization screen
  • Dictionary excluded key
  • Report Generation
  • Setting tables to be audited
  • Definition of fields to be audited
  • User Log, Date and Time of access
  • Log of Actions, previous data and new data
Parameterization and Maintenance
Create, modify and search for:
  • Autotexts
  • Regional
  • Offices
  • Calendars
  • Holidays
  • Cities
  • Family type (type of goods)
  • Checklists
  • Documents auction
  • Inventory Templates
  • Business rates / agreements
  • Currencies
  • Ledger accounts
  • Financial Events
  • Commissions
  • Auction Types
  • Daily Task Scheduler
  • Individuals Administration
  • Governing Legal Persons
  • Managing multiple branches of legal persons
  • Third-party management roles
  • Vendors
  • Attorneys
  • Auction rooms
  • Hotels
  • Issuers
  • Newspapers
  • Invitations to Sellers and Buyers
  • Registration and posting of payments
  • Appraisals
  • Selling real applications
  • Inventories
  • Changes to auction lots
  • Auction management
  • Armed auction
  • Registration of bidders
  • Record bid outcome
  • Calculation of commissions and fees
  • Automatic posting
  • Appraisal and reappraisal EQUESTS
  • Management auctioned goods catalogs
  • Publication management
  • Tracking activities
  • Management interfaces with other applications
  • Offline Module (Laptop)
  • auction Schedules
Queries and Reports
  • Status to tap Sellers
  • Conventions sellers to plucking or Offer
  • Ofrese - Letter to Clients for plotting Prospects
  • Ofrese - Check that can be exported and printed
  • Monitoring business advisers - For Seller status changes
  • Attempt to tap Schedules
  • Applications to-Tap
  • TAPAS Applications - Browse updates and reports for plotting
  • Plotting Cellars
  • Appraisal Report - INFAVAL
  • Inventories - with print option for plotting
  • Inventories for picking inventory from its description
  • Inventories associated with each Business Advisory - For State and changes in inventory status for plotting
  • Log - in business management for plotting
  • Attempt to tap basic
  • Notices of the auction - base to be modified to tap
  • Value of stocks marked for marketing peer-to-tap
  • Catalogues Price (per family / By Area of ??Allotment / Per Attempt / By Vendor) for plotting
  • Annex plotting Catalog Cover
  • Conditions for plotting Annex
  • Internet Photo Annex
  • Invitations to vendors to tap
  • Invitations to tap Buyers
  • Explanations for plotting sheet
  • Attempt to tap Act
  • Awards and plotting to tap deposits
  • Record Award for plotting
  • Memorandum of containers used by the office to tap
  • Returns for plotting
  • Buyer balances for plotting
  • Introductory letter from the preliminary result of the auction with the suggestion of re-appraisals for lots without picking bidder for re-appraisal report and recalled lots, Annex to the Preliminary Results
  • Preliminary results for the Seller Attempt to tap
  • Hammer Auction Report - INFMART for plotting
  • Buyer to tap Returns
  • Accounting support - to tap deposits Box
  • accounting support to tap deposits with returns
  • Accounting support - Painting of the auction for plotting
  • Control Termination deposit account - Account for plotting 913-99803-4
  • Deposit Control for plotting SIPLA
  • No data vendors for reimbursement - Payment
  • Accounting support - Publications and assessment for plotting
  • Accounting Support - Terms and liquidation and reimbursement checks for vendors to tap
  • Stands settlement and reimbursement for plotting
  • Value of payments for plotting
  • Bankruptcy and Overrides report for plotting
  • Introductory letter for plotting Final Report
  • Final Report - Annex to the settlement for plotting
  • Summary table of liquidation and redemption seller for plotting
  • Report of settlement and reimbursement provisions or adjustments for plotting seller
  • Deposit Reconciliation
  • Annex for more or less weight delivered in lots sold by weight
  • Buyers with purchases above $ X
  • Customer allocation and recognition of commissions
  • Business management
  • Compliance Indicator Hits
  • Financial Indicator - Customer Conquest
  • Financial Indicator - Performance Budget
  • statement for the seller / buyer - CxP, CxC
  • Historical buyers
  • History sellers - lots Offering
  • Inventory History
  • Historical batch refunds, seller and auction
  • Log de remate Log auction
  • Auction Venues Offices
  • Cities and Departments
  • Commissions and IVAs generated during a given period
  • Parameters - Committee buyer Tax Law 11 FRM


Shivam developed software allows us to total control of the operation, from birth a credit to this end. It has allowed us to further reduce response times and rearrange the operation to speed up processes, which the company has become much more efficient and competitive.
Juan Carlos Lozano Madriñan
General Manager Invergrupo S.A. Colombia

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