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Shivam Micro Finance Solution

Shivam Micro-Financial Solution - SMFS
SMFS Financial is an application that specializes in Micro-Finance, integrated mind completely automates the process of loans and deposits. It is a customer-centric solution, flexible, scalable and multi-enabling products and services offered by various channels.

Designed to Grow
Modular design allows for rapid integration with third-party applications. Use of international standards that ensure high performance and reliability.

Quick Installation and Deployment
SMFS is designed for users to structure their own products without the need to engage in lengthy and costly development processes. The products are built using our own “building blocks” that combine the features of existing products and use them in novel ways to create new products.

Maximum Customer Service
SMFS supports channels that customers wishing to implement a simple and effective. When used in an integrated manner with the extensive library of SMFS, customers can access their financial information and make transactions whenever and wherever they choose. Our main channel has access to all customer information in one screen, in addition, \productivity tools that we can stay one step ahead of the competition.

SMFS Reduce Costs
  • Eliminate tasks that destroy value
  • Reduces the need for systems integration.
  • Reduce operating costs
SMFS Utility Increases
  • Cash Helps Advisors are
  • Provides information useful to the ATM
  • Implements collection policies.
  • Implements innovative products quickly.
SMFS Reduces Risk
  • Controls the levels of exposure
  • Implements strong security policies
  • Platforms Using stable and fault-tolerant
SMFS Improves Customer Service
  • Allows to implement the products the customer requires.
  • Implements the client channels required.
  • Lets introduce efficient customer service.
SMFS Focuses on Client
  • The accounts are linked with customers
  • Supports multiple customer addresses
  • Allows a comprehensive view of a client.
  • Update balances online.
SMFS is Strong and Safe
  • Use industry standards
  • Use open technologies
  • Servers supports distributed / replicated.
SMFS Modules
This solution consists of the following modules:
  • Credit Application Processing
  • Warranty Administration
  • Loan Disbursement and Administration.
  • Portfolio
  • Collection of bank and tellers
  • Collections
  • Deposits (CDT’s, savings and checking accounts).
  • Customers and Third Parties
  • Security
  • Transactional Server
  • Complementary Products
    • Complaints and Claims
    • Report Generator
    • Drill-down queries
    • Documents Printing
    • Batch scheduler
Credit Application Processing
This module operates as a specialized workflow of loan origination processes. Sets process states and transitions between states, actions to be performed, users involved, preapplication analysis, automatic scoring and inquiries and CIFIN Datacrédito. Follow the documentation required at each stage of the process. Assigning tasks to credit analysts or developers and the automatic creation and Credit Customer requested when it is approved.

Warranty Administration
Guarantee System can handle more than 40 kinds of guarantees according to the regulations SuperBancaria. Controls Insurance, Appraisals, Certificates of Tradition, frequent visits, expenses and other items typical of the Safeguards. It automatically generates all accounting related to the Guarantees and manages automatic debits. Guarantees also manages all Fund National Guarantee under this regulation.

Loan Disbursement and Administration
Integrated Administration and Control of appropriations. Causation allows daily or monthly interest rate, assigning a fixed rate or variable, control fluctuations in the rates (minimum and maximum rate). The system handles separate delinquency rate on capital or capital plus interest.

The system allows one or multiple disbursements. Payment plans may be normal or personalized with agreed extra fees, extra fees not agreed, with periods of grace periods or dead. Payments can be auto-debit, in banks or directly in the Customer's site.

The system allows the reversal of payments in case of errors or returned checks. The payment frequency can be daily, weekly, decadal, biweekly, monthly, half yearly or yearly.

This module generates the billing, to define concepts or related charges, amortization, make transfers, receive advance payments, restructure loans, record payment agreements, build reserves to the level of loan delinquency and generate reports to evaluate the portfolio .

Collection of bank and tellers
This module allows the cashier to see all customer information in one screen. Check the balances of Vault, Tellers, Head Teller and Treasurer. Controls the ticket inventory and quickly allows the cash closing.

Management Of Partners and Third Parties
Allows creation and management of partners and the creation of additional fields required by the Client.

Deposits (CDT’s, savings and checking accounts)
Manages all types of savings generally used as Contributions, CDAT, voluntary savings and planned savings. Allows settlement and billing.

Transactional Server
This application allows you to integrate Customer Systems, also serves as Transactional Switch to manage all multi-channel transactions. This system connects the central system of the Client Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Internet, kiosks, mobile devices and offices (branches).

Documents Printing
This module allows parameterization and print all documents required by the organization. Examples are: Notes, Letters of Instruction, Letters of Pledge, etc.

Transaction Generator
This module allows you to parameterize and generate all accounting items and non-accounting required by the system. These operations are grouped into transactions (eg loan, revenue, reversion, etc..) Which are aligned to business needs. These transactions can only be executed by an authorized user.

Report Generator
The system comes with an integrated report generator which gives maximum flexibility to obtain information.

Managing Users and Security
The system would create security profiles which define the rights of users on the system. According to these profiles as they are configured can define a system administrator who would act as a super-user. The security module design would comply with all security policies stipulated in the requirements document. Among other functions, this module would:
User Definition
Defining Security Profiles that allow total control over the data and functions.
Navigation Menus
  • Access Key Encryption Parameterization minimum password length, minimum number of letters and numbers.
  • Parameterization of time of validity of the password, after which it must be changed.
  • Parameterizing the number of previous passwords that must not be reused by the user.
  • Mandatory password change after first login.
  • Online Validation Security Levels.
  • Disable User for Consecutive.
  • Invalid Login
  • Blog Login

Batch scheduler
This module allows you to control all batch processes required by the system even allows third-party run batch processes. Currently controls the following processes:
  • Daily application of interest rate changes
  • Causation daily / monthly interest
  • Apply daily / monthly interest
  • Daily processing of fertilizers agreed Extras
  • Daily processing of fertilizers agreed extras
  • Daily reconciliation of balances at multiple levels
  • Processing scheduled disbursements
  • Automatic debits processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Credit Rating as default level
  • Generation of Extracts / Billing
  • Error Log
  • Change System Date
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Portfolio Rating

System Complaints, Claims and Applications (QRS)
Manage system for all applications from external customers, internal customers and control agencies. These requests may be complaints, claims, requests for information or legal requirements (prosecution Superbancaria, etc.).

Furthermore, to design, implement and tabulate customer satisfaction surveys.


Shivam developed software allows us to total control of the operation, from birth a credit to this end. It has allowed us to further reduce response times and rearrange the operation to speed up processes, which the company has become much more efficient and competitive.
Juan Carlos Lozano Madriñan
General Manager Invergrupo S.A. Colombia

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