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Shivam Loan Origination Solution

Shivam Origination Solution – SOS
SOS is a specialized application to automate the loan origination process. Can operate independently or integrated with the module credits. It is a customer-centric solution, which enables flexible and scalable offering products and services through various channels.

Designed to Grow
Modular design allows for rapid integration with third-party applications. Use of international standards that ensure high performance and reliability.

Quick Installation and Deployment
SOS is designed to help our clients structure their own procesoa without the need to engage in lengthy and costly development processes. The process is built using our own "building blocks" for defining users involved in each stage, stages, Tasks and Workflow States and each State, Definition of Pre-analysis (refer to Datacrédito, CIFIN and validations) And detailed definition of variables to make the scoring of the applicant.

Maximum Customer Service
SOS supports the channels that customers wishing to implement a simple and effective. When used in an integrated manner with the extensive library of SOS, customers can access their information whenever and wherever they choose to generate high productivity that allows to stay one step ahead of the competition.
SOS Reduce Costs
  • Eliminate tasks that destroy value
  • Reduces the need for systems integration.
  • Reduce operating costs
SOS Profit Increases
  • Streamlines Origination Process
  • Reduce human error by avoiding rework
  • Origination implements policies
  • Reduces time to process changes
SOS Reduces Risk
  • Controls the levels of exposure
  • Implements strong security policies
  • Platforms Using stable and fault-tolerant
SOS Improves Customer Service
  • Allows to implement the products the customer requires.
  • Implements the client channels required.
  • Lets introduce efficient customer service.
SOS Focuses on Client
  • The accounts are linked with customers
  • Supports multiple customer addresses
  • Allows a comprehensive view of a client.
  • Update balances online.
SOS Is Robust and Secure
  • Use industry standards
  • Use open technologies
SOS Modules
This solution consists of the following modules:
  • Workflow
  • Scoring
  • Stages
  • Requests States
  • Tasks
  • Users - States
  • Monitoring Documents
  • Credit Simulator
  • Security
  • Report Generator
This module operates as a specialized workflow processes loan origination. Allows you to define valid transitions between stages and when you create the Credit, the customer and when the end of the process.

This module lets you define multiple types of scoring depending on the amount of requested credit, credit line and the type of applicant (natural or legal person). In addition, to define qualitative and quantitative variables and weight in the analysis of the application is in. The scoring generates a score that falls within 3 different ranges:
  • Automatic rejection
  • Automatic approval
  • Gray area that requires intervention of a Credit Analyst.
In this module the system can define what data are required to proceed with the next stage. It also allows to identify possible activities to perform from the stage:
  • Analysis: This process is assessing the feasibility of the application for credit based on information from credit bureaus.
  • Scoring: analysis of qualitative and quantitative customer according to Customer Scoring Model.
  • Documents: Define the required documents for each stage of the application.
  • References: Sets whether the stage is going to check the references of the applicant (family, personal, commercial, etc.).
This module allows you to manually assign special tasks to a specific user. Add the user to run the task, the application which has the task, the date of issue, date and time scheduled for execution, the actual implementation date, the type of area and comments on the task.

Users – Status
This module allows user to define what type (Receptionist, Analyst, etc.) Spoke on what stage of the application.

Monitoring Documents
This module Can record and control all documents received from the Applicant.This module keeps a description of the document, if it was delivered by the Applicant or co-signers, date and time of receipt, User who received physical location of the document.

Credit Simulator
Allows you to quickly define the conditions of a loan and your repayment plan, print it to share with the client.

The system would create security profiles which define the rights of users on the system. According to these profiles as they are configured can define a system administrator who would act as a super-user. The security module design would comply with all security policies stipulated in the requirements document. Among other functions, this module would:
  • User Definition
  • Defining Security Profiles that allow total control over the data and functions.
  • Navigation Menus
  • Access Key Encryption
  • Parameterization minimum password length, minimum number of letters and numbers.
  • Parameterization of time of validity of the password, after which must be changed.
  • Parameterizing the number of previous passwords that must not be reused by the user.
  • Mandatory password change after first login.
  • Online Validation Security Levels.
  • Disabling User by Consecutive invalid login.
  • Blog Login
Report Generator
The system comes with an integrated report generator which gives maximum flexibility to obtain information.


Shivam developed software allows us to total control of the operation, from birth a credit to this end. It has allowed us to further reduce response times and rearrange the operation to speed up processes, which the company has become much more efficient and competitive.
Juan Carlos Lozano Madriñan
General Manager Invergrupo S.A. Colombia

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