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Shivam Guarantees
Shivam Infoways offers the best solution for the management and administration of guarantees to its clients through a highly customizable modular system.

Shivam Guarantees increase the productivity of your organization because it has friendly interfaces that facilitate the user's work. Shivam Guarantees also automates most of its operations.

Shivam Guarantees
has the following features:
  • Management of communication with other
  • applications via Web Service or flat file.
  • Calculation of minimum required coverage
  • History of credit and guarantees
  • Centralizing data guarantees
  • Calculation of optimal coverage
  • Online Data
  • Security Module
  • 100% customizable
  • Reports, queries and alerts
  • Defining Profiles
  • User Definition
  • Password Policy Management
  • Audit Trails
  • Online Validation Security Levels
  • Decryption key encryption
  • Lockout after multiple failed logins
  • Encryption of confidential data
  • Timeouts parameterization screen
  • Dictionary excluded key
  • Report Generation
  • Setting tables to be audited
  • Definition of fields to be audited
  • User Log, Date and Time of access
  • Log of Actions, previous data and new data
Parameterization and Maintenance
Creating and modifying:
  • Identification Types
  • Types of Guarantees (Suitable, Other)
  • Currencies
  • Cities
  • Departments
  • Customer Type (Employee Bank, Private)
  • Listing Types (Rural, Urban)
  • Classes of Goods (House, lot, farm, etc.).
  • Strata (1,2,3,4,5,6)
  • Type Utilities (water, energy, etc.).
  • Actual use of the property (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.).
  • Interest Rate Type (fixed rate, DTF, IPC, UVR, Prime, LIBOR, Monetary Correction, eurolibor)
  • Warranty mode with FNG (globalautomática, comprehensive semi-automatic, etc.).
  • FNG amortization (monthly, bimonthly, etc.).
  • Transaction Type (New, new, restructured)
  • Portfolio products (drafts, overdrafts, TC, etc.).
  • Mortgage Degrees
  • Classes of ship or aircraft (yacht, boat, etc.).
  • Vehicle Class
  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Service Type (Private, Public)
  • Types of contingencies (Bank acceptances term contingencies CME, etc.).
  • Names of insurance companies
  • Holding classes (commercial, consumer, microcredit, ex-employee)
  • Payment (check management, under tsp. Cte, etc.).
  • Payment sources (Finagro, Findeter, etc.).
  • Types of Charges (Costs, Commissions, Fire Insurance, etc.).
  • Frequency Rate (day, month, two months, quarter, quarter, semester, year)
  • Interest Rate Modalities (anticipated, due)
  • Surveyors
  • FNG Commission and schedule based on the value of the security FNG
  • Parameterization alerts.
  • Cost centers
  • By type of security protections
  • Control of insurance
  • Portfolio rating (A, B, C, D, E)
  • TRM average (interest rate)
  • Sureties
  • Guarantees code according Superfinanciera
Assurance Classes
  • Auto Collateral with or without T. Private Use
  • Auto Collateral with or without T. Commercial Use.
  • Pledge of shares listed on Stock Exchange
  • Guarantees Issued by Financial Institutions
  • Guarantees Issued by Non-Financial Institutions
  • Bono Pledge.
  • Endorsement capitalization bonds
  • Assignment of Rights Letters of Credit.
  • Rights Assignment Foreign Letters of Credit
  • CDT Endorsement
  • Works Minutes Release.
  • Bill Exchange
  • Endorsement of Bills of Exchange
  • Open Deposit
  • Notes Endorsement
  • Endorsement of Certificate of Deposit
  • Sign Company
  • Sign Solidariav
  • Fund National Guarantee
  • Foreign Bank Guarantees
  • National Bank Guarantees
  • Guarantee of the Nation
  • Ship Mortgage
  • Property Mortgage
  • Mercantile Trust
  • Pledge without Tenure
  • Commercial Paper or Bonds
  • Revenue Pledge
  • Public Debt Papers
  • Pledge of Revenue Officers
  • Stand by Letters of Credit
Fund National Guarantee
  • Commission calculation
  • Receiving Commissions tsp. CTEs. and Savings
  • Billing Reconciliation Commissions to FNG
  • Reconciliation of Balance
  • Management alerts for due dates
  • Collection arrears calculation to be returned to FNG
  • Management Restructuring to inform FNG
  • FNG commissions Reversal
  • Accounting for all processes
Third module
  • Individuals Administration
  • Governing Legal Persons
  • Managing multiple branches of legal persons
  • Appraisal Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Utility Companies
  • Fund National Guarantee
  • Financial Institutions
  • Fiduciary Entities
  • Leasing Entities
  • Multiple branches by a third party.
  • Report Generation
Generating the following reports:
  • daily balancing Consultation
  • daily Movement
  • Accounting Evidence
  • Associated guarantees Consultation
  • Guarantees product portfolio
  • Upcoming deadlines
  • Open or closed Guarantees
  • Coverage Percent
  • Percentage of partnership
  • Coverage range
  • Shared Secured
  • Automatic reporting of alerts
  • FNG commissions receivable
  • Control of expenditure
  • global security agreement
  • Credit control with automatic guarantee
  • Fire and lightning Policy
  • Accounts receivable fire and lightning insurance
  • Superbancaria
  • Guarantees recovered
  • guarantees Movement
  • Status of each security with its guarantees Credits
  • Collateral warranty
  • Secured loans
  • Report by class and type of warranty with details of debtors
  • Credit report per product (M / E, Credibanco TC, drafts, overdrafts, etc.).
  • Management reports
  • Debtors and guarantors
  • New loans by type and kind of guarantee
  • Guarantee Replacement
  • Loan System
  • Checking & Savings
  • Accounting
  • Credit Card
  • SARC
  • Superbancaria
  • Comptroller
  • Punished Portfolio
  • Payment in kind
  • Grant
  • Legal application
  • FNG Automatic consolidation
  • Constitution guarantees
  • Credit Disbursed
  • Guarantees increased or decreased
  • Loan Forgiveness
  • Reuse of security
  • Changes in valuations
  • Expenditure
  • Payments received
  • Payments
  • FNG Commissions
  • Modification of Warranty
  • Reconciliation to Accounting System


Shivam developed software allows us to total control of the operation, from birth a credit to this end. It has allowed us to further reduce response times and rearrange the operation to speed up processes, which the company has become much more efficient and competitive.
Juan Carlos Lozano Madriñan
General Manager Invergrupo S.A. Colombia

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